The Hypnobirthing course has given me confidence and belief in myself and my body to birth my baby in a calm, stress-free way.

“During the whole of my labour, I felt happy, excited and calm”


Hypnobirthing Client, Birth Story

Elyse’s calm confident manner and friendly personality made the class so informative and relatable. I hadn’t been sure what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised. As Elyse said, a good mix of mainstream and alternative. Chrissy

Hypnobirthing Client, Birth Story

The content was just what I needed as a birthing mother. I feel empowered and as though we have a large set of ideas and options to use throughout my labour.


Hypnobirthing Client

We didn’t know what to expect when we first walked in. Elyse immediately made us feel comfortable and relaxed. We feel like we are walking away empowered by knowledge.

Lana & Kristian

Hypnobirthing Couple

The course has helped us to feel confident, informed and prepared for birth. We are excited and looking forward to the experience, rather than anxious and fearful. Elyse does a wonderful job! 🙂

Natalie & Ross

Hypnobirthing Couple

The Hypnobirthing class provided more detailed and informative information than the hospital antenatal sessions. It has enabled us to view the pregnancy, labour, and birth processes in a more holistic way.

Kate & Roger

Hypnobirthing Couple

I thought the course was very informative, and I walk away feeling enlightened. I had hoped there was a way to experience a calm and happy birth, and now I know that I can and will have that.


Hypnobirthing Client

Really useful way to make peace with prior birth experience and feel confident, calm and in control of upcoming birth.


Hypnobirthing Client

We really enjoyed the atmosphere, and space to gain knowledge and experience to prepare for our birth. We were left feeling confident and relaxed. I am now excited about my birthing journey and feel confident to deal with the birth.

Elyse has a great supportive and friendly nature; I was able to really relax with the hypnosis and felt soothed with her teaching style.

Now, let’s have this BABY!


Hypnobirthing Client

I haven’t been to regular antenatal classes, so I don’t have anything to compare to, but I would recommend Hypnobirthing classes to anyone who is expecting. I feel empowered to make the right choices for me and my babies, because I have the knowledge. I feel prepared for birth, my anxieties and fears have been addressed, and I am looking forward to the birth of my babies. Elyse went the extra mile to find out as much as she could about our circumstances (identical twins), for which I was extremely grateful. Kat

Hypnobirthing Client

I was a little skeptical about Hypnobirthing when my wife suggested enrolling in these sessions. This skepticism was immediately thrown out of the water when Elyse – who was so relaxed, informative and supportive – took us through the course. The course has prepared us greatly for a calm, safe, and positive birth. Thanks Elyse. Adrian

Hypnobirthing Dad

My husband and i did a one on one intensive Hypnobirthing class with Elyse. Elyse is amazing, she really took the time to cater for our needs (thank you) We are now confident and cannot wait for our amazing birth experience. 

Highly recommend.


Hypnobirthing Client

We thought it was definitely a worthwhile class to take. We both got a lot out of it; knowledge and skills. I think it’s really helped us think about the birth as a team effort, which is great for my husband. It’s provided him with useful/helpful tasks that will make him feel more a part of the birth than he would’ve otherwise. It’s also really increased our conversation surrounding birthing and options.

The folder has great resources and Elyse has gone above and beyond to provide additional links and documents to help support us through producing our birth preferences and making decisions.

Thank you very much.


Hypnobirthing Client

Very informative and lots of evidence presented. Lots of hands on tools to using during labour and birth. VERY relaxing. 🙂 Kara

Hypnobirthing Client

I feel the class prepared me for my birth. It reassured my husband that we are on the right path.


Hypnobirthing Client