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Useful & Inspiring Websites

Hypnobirthing Australia – for a whole heap of positive birth goodness including classes, products, and birth stories
The Positive Birth Movement – groups of like-minded women who meet up all around the world
Angela Gallo – Melbourne Doula & Birth Photographer (who kindly took photographs of my family and encapsulated my placenta)
Pregnancy Relaxation – Melbourne Birth Doula – Jo Presser (my doula for both births)
Rockstar Birth Magazine – so many amazing positive birth stories
Dial a Doula – to find a doula to best support you (where I trained as a birth doula)

Soma Birth Library


Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering – Dr Sarah J Buckley
Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – Ina May Gaskin
A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth – Katrina Zavlasky (purchase in the Shop)
Childbirth Without Fear – Grantly Dick-Read
Spiritual Midwifery – Ina May Gaskin
Why Hypnobirthing Matters – Katrina Berry
Why Doulas Matter – Maddie McMahon
The New Pregnancy and Childbirth – Sheila Kitzinger
The Birth Partner – Jenny Blyth
Breastfeeding Naturally – Jill Day ed. (Australian Breastfeeding Association)
Birth with Confidence – Rhea Dempsey
A Mindful Pregnancy – Andy Puddicombe (Headspace)
Nurturing New Families – Naomi Kemeny
Birthwork – Jenny Blyth
Mindful Hypnobirthing – Sophie Fletcher
How To Heal A Bad Birth – Melissa Bruijn & Debby Gould
One Day Young
– Jenny Lewis
On Becoming a Mother – Brigid McConville


The Face of Birth – Kate Gorman & Gavin Banks
Birth Stories (beyond the Face of Birth) – Kate Gorman & Gavin Banks
Meet the Experts (beyond the Face of Birth) – Kate Gorman & Gavin Banks
Undisturbed Birth – Dr Sarah J Buckley MD
Secrets of Happy Babies – Dr Sarah J Buckley MD

All Soma Birth Clients have access to the library.