Elyse Jamieson

I am a hypnobirthing mother, Hypnobirthing Australia™ Certified Practitioner, a doula (birth attendant), and a positive birth advocate.

The birth of my daughter in 2013 made me aware of just how crucial the experience of birth is to the ongoing, sometimes challenging, role of mothering. My experience of birth was a positive one; my journey was not without its unexpected twists and turns, but looking back I can see that through careful birth preparation, the right support, and my ability to make informed decisions, I was able to approach and address any unexpected events from a place of calm confidence.

I believe it is every woman’s right to have a positive, calm, safe, and empowered birth.

I want you to feel empowered, positive, and calm with your approach to your birth and to mothering. I want you and your birth partner to feel informed, safe, and in control. I want you to feel supported through your decision making processes. I want you to trust your instincts throughout your pregnancy, your birth, and into motherhood.

I can’t wait to work with you and your birth partner, and to discuss how I can support and assist you throughout your pregnancy, birth, and into your post-birth period.

Elyse Jamieson – Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Doula.

Soma – n. the body of an individual, as opposed to the mind or psyche.

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