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Lucky? Lucky? You think I’m ‘lucky’ for having the birth that I did?

Hmm, let me unpack this a little bit for you.

Having to travel over two hours to birth simply because I had twins. Lucky?

Attending my first hospital appointment with my twins to find out that an epidural is ‘protocol’ for twins. Lucky?

Finding out that Twin A is required to be head down to ensure that a vaginal birth is an option. Lucky?

Finding out that Twin A is breech? Lucky?

Two persistently breech babies, despite trying ALL of the tricks to turn them. Lucky?

Having to change mode of care half-way through pregnancy to find somebody who is not only supportive of breech birth, but also skilled in breech, AND twins. Lucky?

I could go on. 

Let me share this little bit of information:

I worked bloody hard to ensure that I was surrounded by competent and supportive people (yes, I had an ob who said, “It’s your body, so you get to decide”…good obs DO exist).

I researched my options – ALL of my options. NOPE, twins does not mean automatic caesarean. NOPE, breech does not mean automatic caesarean. NOPE, you DO NOT have to have an epidural ‘just in case’.

My point. There was absolutely no LUCK involved in my birth outcomes. I put in the hard yards. I absolutely wanted to have a physiological birth of my babies without intervention, BUT, I felt so comfortable with my knowledge and my care, that I was prepared no matter how my birth unfolded (yep, I was prepared to be knocked out in the event that an emergency presented itself and I needed to have a caesarean).

SO, please do not be so unkind as to suggest that a woman who has a great birth was just ‘lucky’…this is RARELY the case. Chances are, she worked really hard in the lead up to that birth through good preparation, finding good support, and undertaking good research.

Nope, I am not lucky. But, I was well prepared.

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