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Last week, I posted about what Hypnobirthing is not, so today I thought it was a good time to let you in a little more as to what Hypnobirthing is. The director of Hypnobirthing Australia, Melissa Spilsted, has referred to Hypnobirthing as ‘a fancy word for positive birth’. I think that ‘positive birth’ is a really great way to describe the overall intention of this program. If you’re seeking a different way to birth – a more positive and gentle way of approaching your pregnancy and birth – the Hypnobirthing Australia program may be what you’re looking for.

Hypnobirthing is complete childbirth education.

Did you know that? Not only are you provided with self-hypnosis techniques to help support you to a more calm and comfortable birth, you are also provided with comprehensive childbirth education! That’s pretty great if you ask me. The beauty of this childbirth education is that it is ‘non-denominational’ (for want of a better term!); that is, it’s independent and not tied in with any particular hospital or caregiver’s policy. You will learn about the physiology of birth, your hormones, your amazing uterus and your birthing body. You will learn about common maternity interventions. You will learn about staying fit and healthy. You will learn about your rights as a childbearing woman. Oh, and because this course has been designed specifically for Australian women (by an Australian woman!), ALL of the content is relevant to our maternity systems and our way of life. It’s a very down-to-earth program and approach to birth.

Hypnobirthing is letting go of fear.

Learn how to break the Fear Tension Pain cycle!

Learn how to break the Fear Tension Pain cycle!

Have you heard of the Fear, Tension, Pain cycle? It’s a familiar scenario…we see negative depictions of childbirth in the media and on TV and it can make us fearful of birth; this fear can create tension in our muscles, which can lead to pain.

Well, the good news is, that we don’t have to subscribe to that version of events! With the right information and through the use of self-hypnosis, you can learn to break the cycle, release any unnecessary fears you may be carrying, and to approach your birth with positive expectation! This all seems so simple, doesn’t it?

Hypnobirthing is relaxation and breathing techniques.

Hypnobirthing isn’t about telling you how to breathe or give birth; rather, it’s about providing you with instant relaxation and breathing techniques that can assist you at various times throughout your pregnancy and the labour process – when you feel you need to use them. Our bodies are pretty darn clever at knowing what to do, however it’s also useful to give yourself some practice and positive reinforcement along the way. There’s an added bonus to learning these relaxation and breathing techniques…you may find that you’ll use them well into motherhood – including when navigating tricky toddler moments!

Hypnobirthing is a ‘toolkit’ for birth.

And, there’s so much in your toolkit! Self-hypnosis techniques, relaxation & breathing, information (knowledge is power!), a guide to preparing your ‘Preferences for Birth’, information on how to create the right environment for birth, Australian accent albums, are just some of the handy tools you’ll take away with you. These tools help to condition (or recondition) your mind and body for your positive and gentle birth. One of the aspects of Hypnobirthing Australia classes is ‘practice’ (and, no we don’t mean practice makes perfect!). In order to receive the full benefits of this program, you are encouraged to continue practicing the various tools in your ‘toolkit’, so when it comes to your birthing day, you instinctively draw on them. Does that make sense? Good.

Hypnobirthing - a fancy word for positive birth

So, that’s a pretty succinct sum up of what Hypnobirthing involves. There’s so much left out here, because let’s face it, we can’t give it all away! But if you would like more information or just want to chat it over, please feel free to make contact. Also check out the Hypnobirthing page, and FAQs.

My next Hypnobirthing Group Course is running in November, but if that course doesn’t suit I can put you into the next course, or arrange private classes.

The journey towards your positive birth starts now!

Elyse Jamieson – Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Doula
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