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I was in a café recently, when I overheard a pregnant woman say to a group of friends, “I’m going to the hospital classes again, because I’ve forgotten what to do and I need them to tell me what to do” (those were her actual words).

This beautiful pregnant woman was referring to the upcoming birth of her baby, and it turns out that she believes that she needs the hospital staff to tell her what to do to birth her baby. Insert sad face here.

So, this is for you – beautiful pregnant woman who I overheard in that café; a few tips to remind you that you are truly amazing as you are, and that I believe in your body’s ability to give birth.

Tip one: you have the capacity to birth your baby

Let’s, for a moment, have a think about the human race. According to our good friend Google, there are currently at least 7,365,325,543 people in the world (I say at least, because it just keeps growing). That’s a lot of people, yes? So, if we as women didn’t have the capacity to give birth, how on earth can there be so many people on EARTH?!

Tip two: you have the instinct to give birth

Have you ever had the privilege of witnessing an animal give birth? A cat, a dog, or my favourite a cow1? Take a moment to think about how they do it? Where do they go to give birth? Do they make sounds, or are they quiet, or both?  Do they remain still, or do they move around? I want you to really think about this. And then, once you have thought about this, I want to remind you that we too are mammals.

Tip three: (and this is the big take away here) you don’t need anybody to tell you how to give birth

I know, crazy right?  Me, a childbirth educator, telling you a POTENTIAL CLIENT that you don’t need anybody to tell you how to give birth! But, it’s true!

Stop me if I’m stating the obvious here, but just in case nobody else has told you:

  • You are designed to give birth;
  • You have the instinct to birth your baby;
  • I trust that your body knows what to do to birth your baby.

So, if women don’t need to be ‘told’ how to give birth, why attend childbirth education classes?

I recommend that women attend both the hospital run childbirth education classes (if they’re intending to birth in hospital), as well as attending independent childbirth education classes. The hospital classes can be a great indication of hospital policy, and they have some great insight to what it may be like to birth there and what support services are offered.

Attending a class run by a certified Hypnobirthing Australia™ Childbirth Educator can help you to prepare for your birth by:

  • Helping you to trust in your body’s ability to give birth;
  • Giving techniques to help you tap into that primal ‘instinctive’ part of your brain;
  • Providing you with tools to help make your birth more comfortable;
  • Sharing information, to assist you in making informed decisions;

Classes can help you to approach your birth from a place of calm, positive expectation and help you to prepare for your birth, no matter what turns your birthing journey may take.

You’ve got this, mama!

Elyse Jamieson – Hypnobirthing Practitioner & Doula
Servicing Phillip Island, Wonthaggi, Leongatha, and surrounding areas.


1If you attend one of my classes, you’ll hear why my favourite animal to watch give birth is a cow!