Positive Pregnancy & Birth related information and stories

A Mighty Roar: The Birth Of Aurora

This is Paula’s story: Pre-birth waffling With my firstborn, there was no indication of her impending arrival until my labour started and she was born 24 hours later. At 37 weeks with Aurora, I started getting little nigglings each night that suggested she would... read more

I am NOT lucky

Lucky? Lucky? You think I’m ‘lucky’ for having the birth that I did? Hmm, let me unpack this a little bit for you. Having to travel over two hours to birth simply because I had twins. Lucky? Attending my first hospital appointment with my twins to find out that an... read more

Chrissy’s empowered & confident hypnobirth

Thank you so much to Chrissy, for this inspiring hypnobirth story. Chrissy was 15 weeks when I first met her and her partner Dave last year. They were such a happy and down-to-earth couple, and I am so proud of how they handled their various twists and turns of birth.... read more

You are not smug

I read an article the other day, which irked me beyond comprehension. This article labeled women who prepare for a natural birth, or who want a positive experience of birth as smug. It also suggested that these women were intentionally putting their babies at risk in... read more

The Birth of Olive

Rosie and Jon attended my August Hypnobirthing class and they both totally embraced the Hypnobirthing philosophy! I love the way Rosie describes herself as being “happy, excited and calm” during labour. Rosie’s story: I knew something was happening... read more

Not a clucking chicken in sight

I am often asked whether Hypnobirthing is anything like the hypnotists you see on stages, where participants behave like chickens or bark like dogs… So today, I thought it was time to bust some myths and tell you what the Hypnobirthing Australia™ course is not,... read more