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I was so happy to receive this birth story of Chrissy’s second hypnobub, where she approaches birth trusting her body. You can also read about her first birth, here

Weeks prior to my Guess Date I started having lots of niggles and twinges and was so sure I would have Bubs well before the 40 week mark. However my Guess Date came and went an bubs stayed put. It’s fair to say by this point I was beyond ready to meet Bubs and not be heavily pregnant any more!

My Ob and I had discussed the hospitals policy on going ‘late’ and I knew that at my 41 weeks appointment we would be talking about booking in for induction at 41 + 5 if Bubs hadn’t come along. Not something I was keen on! The day before my appointment I found myself toddler free and decided to take a long stroll along the beach (who knows when I’ll get to take a leisurely stroll at the beach again?). Once I was home I got comfy on the couch and then I downloaded Melissa Spilsted’s ‘Baby, come out’ hypno track. I listened to the track a few times while I relaxed/dozed (having used Hypnobirthing Australia techniques for two pregnancies, Melissa’s voice really has that effect on me!).

Later that night I began having some regular tightenings, about ten minutes apart for an hour and a half, How Exciting!!! And then… nothing. Sigh. Through the night I would get one off surges each time I was about to doze off, just enough to wake me up and then nothing.

The next morning Dave went off to work, with instructions to not go out of phone service, and I went off to my 41 week appointment still having totally random tightenings that varied from strong enough to convince me that something might be beginning to so light I wasn’t even sure if it was happening or if I was imagining it. I sat chatting to my Ob, explaining what was happening and how tired I was. We decided that a membrane sweep was the way to go. Next thing, while doing an internal, my Ob has a concerned then bemused look on her face… it turns out my body was definitely ready for baby too, I was 6cm dilated! No need for the sweep, instead I phoned Dave and told him to head home and then went to organise my babysitter.

Once I arrived home, I put on some relaxation music and tried to get some sleep ‘cos I was so tired from the night before. After about an hour I wasn’t comfortable laying down any more so I switched to swaying on a yoga ball, with some candles & clary sage burning. Each time a surge came I would just tell myself to relax and go with it, using my breath. Between surges I was looking at the wall full of affirmations I had created, some are what I used from my first pregnancy. There was no regularity in the surges, sometimes they would come every few minutes then 10 minutes apart, then back to 5-6 minutes and they weren’t getting stronger, again they were totally random, some would stop me from talking some were super gentle. I really didn’t want to have to spend hours and hours in the hospital but wasn’t sure when we should go. After a bit Dave suggested we head into the hospital because I wouldn’t enjoy the half hour car trip as it was and was probably only going to get more uncomfortable. So I rang the midwives to let them know we were coming and asked them to run the bath for me. Dave was right, I certainly didn’t enjoy the car trip!

When we arrived at the hospital I was happy to see that the midwife I had seen all through my previous pregnancy was there, she had decided to stay on and wait for me. She knew I was Hypnobirthing and was supportive of all my choices. I headed straight for the bath and oh my god!! Coming from a house with a tiny tiny tub and where water is a precious commodity, its was luxurious and felt so much better straight away. Dave arranged my little battery operated candles and set up my music/affirmations. For what felt like hours but probably wasn’t we stayed in the bathroom, uninterrupted, relaxing, chatting, laughing and breathing through surges. It was lovely, the midwife came in to do a few quick checks but aside from that it was just us. She was sure I was still ages away from a baby because I was ‘too happy’ and laughing.

Eventually I needed to be more upright so got out of the tub and walked around the room. At this stage the surges were getting strong enough to stop me in my tracks and were coming every few minutes. I sat on the birth ball for a bit and soon the surges felt markedly different. I had hit transition, felt unwell and like I couldn’t possibly deal with it any more, and even knowing exactly what was happening and that it meant the baby wasn’t too far away, I still struggled to keep positive. Also at the time, I was being monitored on the CTG machine and as happened with my first baby the machine couldn’t differentiate between my higher than average pulse rate and babies heartbeat. This, I’m sure, was making me edgy (the machine and hubbub it created with the staff, I knew baby would be just fine); so with my Ob we decided to try the fetal scalp electrode, which would mean rupturing my membranes. The doctor left to see another patient and then gather bits and pieces for the procedure.

Meanwhile, I began to feel ‘a bit pushy’ (the midwives words, totally right) and I could feel baby shifting down. I needed to be upright again, doing my best to relax and let it happen. I was leaning on Dave for support, and swaying and visualising my baby moving down with each surge. The midwife suggested that once the Doc came and ‘broke my waters’ baby wouldn’t be far behind, so I decided to go to the toilet before they came back.

Well, obviously the shift in my pelvis as I sat on the toilet helped Bubs move down a little bit further, because next thing ‘Pop’ my membranes released and suddenly I could feel baby crowning. I called out for some help and in came the midwives who called for Dave to help me off the toilet.


Chrissy, Dave, and baby Jack

The next happened so quickly it’s a bit of a blur, but I hung onto Dave and breathed my baby out, right there next to the toilet. Three surges and my not so little man – 9lb 8oz – was here, ready to meet the world. I shuffled over to the bed and put bub on my chest, bliss.

A few moments later the doctor arrived, scalp monitor in hand and was quite shocked that she had missed everything!

The next day, I was talking to Jo (the midwife) and she told me that I had inspired her, the way I went in knowing and trusting myself and just did what was right for me…there was lots of talk prior about my ‘big’ baby (measured well ahead at a 37 week scan) and I think a few people weren’t convinced it would be straightforward.

Jack - 9lb 8oz

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